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35th Engineer Brigade

35th Engineer Brigade

Missouri Army National Guard
Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri
Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 35th Engineer Brigade
235th Engineer Detachment

203rd Engineer Battalion, Joplin, Missouri
Headquarters Company - Joplin
Forward Support Company - Joplin
294th Engineer Company (Equipment Support) - Carthage/Anderson
276th Engineer Company (Vertical) - Pierce City
117th Engineer Team (Asphalt) - Monett
1135th Engineer Company (Route Clearance) - Richmond
1141st Engineer Company (Sapper) - Kansas City

1140th Engineer Battalion, Cape Girardeau, Missouri
Headquarters Company - Cape Girardeau
220th Engineer Company (Horizontal) - Festus
1438th Engineer Company (Multi-Role Bridge Company) - Macon/Kirksville
1138th Engineer Company (Sapper) - Farmington/Fredericktown
Forward Support Company - Cape Girardeau
880th Engineer Team (Haul) - Perryville


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