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Challenge Coins of The United States Military

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35th Infantry Division

35th Infantry Division
"Santa Fel"
Army National Guard, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas
Major General

33rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team
(Illinois Army National Guard)

Special Troops Battalion
2nd Squadron, 106th Cavalry Regiment (RSTA
2nd Battalion, 130th Infantry Regiment
1st Battalion, 178th Infantry Regiment
2nd Battalion, 122nd Field Artillery Regiment
634th Brigade Support Battalion
39th (Infantry) Brigade Combat Team (AR ARNG)
Special Troops Battalion
1st Squadron, 151st Cavalry Regiment (RSTA)
  1st Battalion, 153rd Infantry Regiment
2nd Battalion, 153rd Infantry Regiment
1st Battalion, 206th Field Artillery Regiment
39th Brigade Support Battalion

48th (Infantry) Brigade Combat Team (GA NG)
Special Troops Battalion
1st Squadron, 108th Cavalry Regiment (RSTA)
1st Battalion, 121st Infantry Regiment
2nd Battalion, 121st Infantry Regiment
1st Battalion, 118th Field Artillery Regiment
148th Brigade Support Battalion

 Combat Aviation Brigade,
35th Infantry Division
Headquarters and Headquarters Company
1st Battalion, 376th Aviation Regiment
1st Battalion, 135th Aviation Regiment
2nd Battalion, 211th Aviation Regiment
(General Support)
1st Battalion, 108th Aviation Regiment
935th Aviation Support Battalion

142nd Fires Brigade (AR NG)

287th Sustainment Brigade

110th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade (MO NG)

218th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade

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