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Challenge Coins of The United States Military

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4th BCT (A), 25th ID

4th Brigade Combat Team (Airborne)
25th Infantry Division
Colonel Matt McFarlane
Command Sergeant Major
BCSM Terry D. Gardner

1st Battalion (Airborne), 501st Infantry Regiment
Lieutenant Colonel Tobin A. Magsig
Command Sergeant Major
CSM Mitchell Rucker

Hatchet Commander: CPT Odelle Means
Hatchet First Sergeant: 1SG Aaron Spahl
Apache Commander: CPT David Stroud
Apache First Sergeant: 1SG David Stewart
Bravo Commander: CPT Matthew Mobley
Bravo First Sergeant: 1SG Erick Ochs
Commanche Commander: CPT Joel Franceschi
Commanche First Sergeant: 1SG James Litchford
Delaware Commander: CPT Anthony Dovie
Delaware First Sergeant: 1SG Randy Hahn

3rd Battalion (Airborne), 509th Infantry Regiment
Lieutenant Colonel Patrick S. Altenburg
Command Sergeant Major
CSM Scott Beeson
HHC Commander: CPT Tony Salinero
HHC First Sergeant: 1SG Herbert Gill
Able Commander: CPT Brandon Pasko
Able First Sergeant: 1SG Timothy Pennartz
Baker Commander: CPT Tyler Sorrels
Baker First Sergeant: 1SG Robert George
Chosen Commander: CPT Thomas Sacchieri
Chosen First Sergeant: 1SG Timothy Conrad
Dog Commander: CPT Jeremy Brasher
Dog First Sergeant: 1SG Jason Woodbury
Fox Commander: CPT Ryan Steuer
Fox First Sergeant: 1SG Raymond Rushing

1st Squardon (Airborne), 40th Cavalry Regiment
Lieutenant Colonel Richard M. Scott
Command Sergeant Major
CSM Shane E. Pospisil
HHT Commander: CPT Nelson D'Antonio
HHT First Sergeant: 1SG Sean Shoffner
Apache Troop Commander: CPT Justin P. Ramsey
Apache Troop First Sergeant: 1SG Jerry S. Bronson
Blackjack Troop Commander: CPT Adam Schoffstall
Blackjack Troop First Sergeant: 1SG Carvet C. Tate
Chaos Troop Commander: CPT Cody L. Pittman
Chaos Troop First Sergeant: 1SG Cameron C. Campbell

2nd Battalion (Airborne),
377th Field Artillery Regiment
"Spartan Steel"
Lieutenant Colonel Christopher J. Ward
Command Sergeant Major
CSM Cameron J. Dinger
HHB Commander: CPT Ryan Howell
HHB First Sergeant: 1SG David L. Phillips
A Battery Commander: CPT Dana Lafarier
A Battery First Sergeant: 1SG Samuel Zoker
B Battery Commander: CPT Daniel Frechette
B Battery First Sergeant: 1SG Matthew Dudley
G Battery Commander: CPT Douglas Rudd
G Battery First Sergeant: 1SG Israel Betanzos

425th Brigade Special Troops Battalion (Airborne)

Lieutenant Colonel Kevin J. Perera

Command Sergeant Major
CSM Thereon Bennekin

Titan Commander: CPT Teresa Doerr
Titan First Sergeant: 1SG Michael Palm
Hammer Commander: CPT Brent Pfeiffer
Hammer First Sergeant: 1SG Jeremiah Smith
Sapper Commander: CPT Doug Droesch
Sapper First Sergeant: 1SG Jesse Burleigh
Hydra Commander: CPT Natalie Withers
Hydra First Sergeant: 1SG Alan Mariner
Mercury Commander: CPT Zachary E. Iiams
Mercury First Sergeant: 1SG Jason L. Brumet

725th Brigade Support Battalion (Airborne)

Lieutenant Colonel Peter J. Crandall
Command Sergeant Major

CSM Brian Morrison
HHC Commander: CPT Clif Potter
HHC First Sergeant: 1SG Patrick Schultz
A Company Commander: CPT Eddie Gorbett
A Company First Sergeant:1SG Manuel Riverasoto
B Company Commander: CPT William Buchleitner
B Company First Sergeant: 1SG Frederick Keeling
C Company Commander: CPT Shannon Martin
C Company First Sergeant: 1SG Joseph Civitello
D Company Commander: CPT Callea Pavelka
D Company First Sergeant:1SG Adrian Brown
E Company Commander: CPT Adam Jones
E Company First Sergeant:1SG John Jerkins
F Company Commander: CPT Ryan Steuer
F Company First Sergeant:1SG Raymond Rushing
G Company Commander: CPT Douglas Rudd
G Company First Sergeant: 1SG Israel Betanzos

Special Troops Battalion

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