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94th AAMDC

94th Army Air Missile Defense Command
(94th AAMDC)
Fort Shafter, Hawaii, under Headquarters,
United States Army Pacific
Commander, Brigadier General Eric L. Sanchez 
Command Sergeant Major Finis Dodson

was 94th Air Defense Artillery Brigade
Headquarters and Headquarters Battery
Captain Peter V. Bier

1st Battalion, 1st Air Defense Artillery (Regiment)
Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin Ogden
Command Sergeant Major Paul M. Maynard

35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade
Colonel Thomas Nguyen
Command Sergeant Major Jose Villarreal


10th Missile Defense Detachment

Task Force Talon - 94th AAMDC
Lieutenant Colonel Clyde S. Cochrane III
Commander, Task Force Talon
Sergeant Major Mario F. Guerrero

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