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Air Education and Training Command (AETC)

Air Education and Training Command (AETC)
Randolph Air Force Base, Texas

Commander, General Robin Rand
Past Commanders

General Edward A. Rice Jr.
18 Nov 2010 - ??

General Stephen R. Lorenz
3 Jun 2008 - 17 Nov 2010
General William R. Looney III
17 Jun 2005 - 2 Jul 2008

General Donald G. Cook
15 Dec 2001 - 16 Jun 2005

Vice Commanders

Lieutenant General Douglas H. Owens

Major General Leonard A. Patrick,
Vice Commander, Air Education and Training Command,
Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph, Texas

Lieutenant Genera
John D. Hopper Jr.

Command Chief Master Sergeant
Command Chief Master Sergeant Gerardo Tapia Jr.

Second Air Force

Air Force Recruiting Service

Air University (United States Air Force)

Wilford Hall Medical Center

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