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Engineer Units

Engineer Units
1st Engineer Brigade, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri
HHC, 1st Engineer Brigade
1st Engineer Battalion (MECH), "Diehard", 1st Infantry Division
2nd Engineer Battalion, (Sapper Steel), 2nd Infantry Division
            HHC, 2nd Engineer Battalion (Combat), 2nd Infantry Division
Company A, 2nd Engineer Battalion, 2nd Infantry Division
Company C, 2nd Engineer Battalion, 2nd Infantry Division
4th Engineer Battalion, "Iron Horse Sappers,
4th Infantry Division
HHC, 4th Engineer Battalion,
4th Infantry Division
Company A (Alpha), 4th Engineer Battalion "Assassins", Fort Carson
5th Engineer Battalion, (C) (A)
Company A, 5th Engineer Battalion (C) (M)
6th Engineer Battalion (Combat) (Airborne), 2nd Engineer Brigade,
Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson JBER  
6th Engineer Battalion, 6th Infantry Division
7th Engineer Brigade
7th Engineer Battalion, 20th Engineer Brigade 
9th Engineer Battalion (CBT), 172nd Infantry Brigade
Company A, 9th Engineer Battalion, 172nd Infantry Brigade
Bravo Company, "Outlaws", 9th Engineer Battalion
10th Combat Engineer Battalion, Cape Calava

11th Engineer Battalion (Combat), "Marne Sappers"
3rd Infantry Division
16th Engineer Battalion, "Catamounts"
18th Engineer Brigade
19th Engineer Battalion, Fort Knox, Kentucky
20th Engineer Brigade (CBT) (ABN)
20th Engineer Battalion
29th Engineer Battalion (Topographic)
31st Engineer Battalion,
US Army Engineer School Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri
36th Engineer Group (C)
40th Engineer Battalion, Battering Rams, 2nd BCT, 1st Armored Division
Company B, 40th Engineer Battalion, 1st Armored Division
43rd Engineer Battalion (Combat) (Heavy), Fort Benning, GA

44th Engineer Battalion, "Broken Heart", 2nd Engineer Group
HHC, 44th Engineer Battalion, 2nd Infantry Division
Company A, 44th Engineer Battalion
Company B, 44th Engineer Battalion
Company C, 44th Engineer Battalion
Company D, 44th Engineer Battalion
46th Engineer Battalion (Combat) (Heavy)
50th Engineer Company (AFB-R), 2nd Infantry Division
50th Engineer Company (AFB),
2nd Platoon, "Wolverines", 2nd Infantry Division

54th Engineer Battalion
62nd Engineer Combat Battalion (Heavy), Fort Hood, Texas
Company C, 62nd Engineer Combat Battalion, 4th Infantry Division
C Company, 65th Engineer Battalion, "Lightning Sappers",
25th Infantry Division (L)

HHC, 70th Engineer Battalion
72nd Engineer Battalion, 7th Engineer Brigade
79th Engineer Battalion (C) (H)
Company D, 79th Engineer Battalion
82nd Engineer Battalion, 3rd Infantry Divison
82nd Combat Support Equipment Company
82nd Engineer Company
            84th Engineer Combat Battalion (HVY),
Schofield Barracks, Hawaii
Headquarters Support Company (HSC), 84th Engineer Battalion
 87th Engineer Company, 46th Engineer Battalion
92nd Engineer Combat Battalion (Heavy), "Black Diamonds"
94th Engineer Battalion (C) (H)
106th Engineer Detachment (Quarry Team)
107th Engineer Battalion, Michigan Army National Guard
109th Engineering Group, Army National Guard South Dakota
111th Engineer Battalion
Company A, 112th Engineer Battalion
113th Engineer Battalion, 38th Infantry Division
115th Engineer Battalion
115th Engineer Company (VCC)
130th Engineer Brigade
132nd Engineer Brigade, 40th Infantry Division
141st Engineer Battalion
Company B, 142nd Engineer Combat Battalion (HVY)
152nd Engineer Battalion
160th Engineer Company (CSE)
168th Engineer Battalion
169th Engineer Battalion, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri
176th Engineer Battalion 49th Armored Division
178th Engineer Battalion           
186th Engineer Detachment (Utility)
201st Engineer Battalion, Ashland, Kentucky

Bravo Company, 206th Engineer Battalion, "Bluegrass Warriors"

235th Engineer Detachment     
2nd Platoon, 245th Engineer Company
249th Engineer Battalion (Prime Power), "Black Lions"
HHC, 249th Engineer Battalion
253rd Engineer Company (Sapper)
258th Engineer Company CSE, Arizona National Guard
265th Engineer Group
317th Engineer Battalion (CBT) (MECH)
321st Engineer Battalion
HHC, 321st Engineer Battalion
353rd Engineer Construction Group (EAC) Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
391st Engineer Battalion (Combat Light)
411th Engineer Brigade
411th Engineer Combat Battalion (HVY)
412th Engineer Command (Forward)
416th Engineer Group
420th Engineer Brigade (Corps), 416th Engineer Command
463rd Engineer Battalion, Wheeling West, Virginia  
Company B, 463rd Engineer Battalion, 99th Regional Readiness Command
478th Combat Engineer Battalion
479th Engineer Battalion (C)(M)
493rd Engineer Group (Combat)

505th Engineer Combat Battalion
512th Engineer Battalion
536th Engineer Battalion, 324th Support Group
554th Engineer Battalion
555th Engineer Group
568th Engineer Company, (CSE) Combat Support Equipment, 
Fort Riley, Kansas
570th Engineer Company (Sapper)
571st Engineer Company, 14th Engineer Battalion
577th Engineer Battalion, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri

579th Engineer Battalion
588th Engineer Battalion, 2nd Armored Division
612th Engineer Battalion (CBT) (MECH)
648th Engineer Battalion (Sapper), Georgia Army National Guard
649th Engineer Battalion (Topographic), Schwetzingen, Germany
652nd Engineer Company
668th Engineer Company, 3rd Platoon "Vipers"
689th Engineer Company
769th Engineer Battalion, (Combat) (Heavy), Baton Rouge, Louisiana
779th Engineer Battalion
814th Engineer Company
854th Engineer Battalion
HHC, 854th Engineer Battalion
863rd Engineer Battalion (Heavy)
864th Engineer Battalion (Combat) (Heavy)
HSC, 864th Engineer Battalion (Combat) (Heavy)
Company A, 864th Engineer Battalion (Combat) (Heavy)
Company B, 864th Engineer Battalion (Combat) (Heavy)
877th Engineer Battalion (Combat)( Heavy)
926th Engineer Combat Battalion (Heavy)
937th Engineer Group (Combat), 1st Infantry Division, Fort Riley, Kansas
983rd Engineer Battalion (USAR)
1169th Engineer Group
1249th Engineer Battalion (C) (M), Oregon Army National Guard
1305th Engineer Detachment, Alabama Army National Guard
A CofS, Engineer, Eight U.S. Army,
United States Forces Korea

Division Engineer Brigade, 4th Infantry Division (MECH),
Fort Carson, Co.
Engineer Brigade, 1st Armored Division
Engineer Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division
Engineer Brigade, 1st Infantry Division
Engineer Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division
HHD, Engineer Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division
Engineer Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division (FWD)

Engineer Brigade, 4th Infantry Division, Ivy Sappers

Engineer OSUT / Basic Combat Training, 98th Division (IT)
GAC Meister Engineer

Libby Noncommissioned Academy ANCOC Engineers,
Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
U.S. Army Engineer Center & School Center 

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