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Challenge Coins of The United States Military

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How to Register Your Challenge Coin

Challenge Coin Register (CCR) CERTIFICATION Program

 The Leading Authority in Challenge Coin Certification

 Welcome to CCR Certification, a division of Eagles Of War devoted to authentic Challenge coin certification. CCR is the world’s largest Challenge coin certification company. Our Challenge coin certification division is the only independent third-party coin certification company providing professional services for experts, collectors and companies specializing in the field of Numismatic Military Challenge coins.

 CCR Certification performs three essential functions.
First, the most important component of any Challenge coin is the
documentation of its origins, and CCR Certification provides independent
assurance of the pedigree of Challenge coin.
Second, CCR Certification also assigns a unique Challenge Coin REFERENCE Number to every coin. And third, Size, number issued, and the name of the person issuing the Challenge coin.

If you had a Challenge Coin manufactured and would like to participate in this program;
please send a copy of the coin,
Eagles Of War
2054 Fort Campbell Blvd.
Clarksville, Tennessee 37042
with the following infomation:
Amount Minted.
Name of the Person(s) issueing the coin.
(Rank and full names please)

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