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Challenge Coins of The United States Military

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U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM)

General Lloyd J. Austin III
22 March 2013 to Incumbent

U.S. Central Command, Deputy Commander,
Vice Admiral Robert S. Harward

U.S. Central Command, Chief of Staff,
Major General Karl R. Horst

U.S. Central Command,
Command Sergeant Major Frank A. Grippe

General James N. Mattis
11 August 2010 to 22 March 2013

Lieutenant General John R. Allen
30 June 2010 to 11 August 2010

Genera David Howell Petraeus
31 October 2008 to 30 June 2010

Lieutenant General Martin E. Dempsey

28 March 2008 to 31 October 2008

Admiral William Joseph Fallon
16 March 2007 to 28 March 2008

General John Philip Abizaid
7 July 2003 to 16 March 2007

General Tommy Ray Franks
6 July 2000 to 7 July 2003

U.S. Central Command, Shoulder Sleeve Insignia

U.S. Central Command, Distinctive Unit Insignia

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