Eagles Of War Presents....
Challenge Coins of The United States Military

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We Buy Large amounts of
U.S. Military Challenge Coins
Sample if you have a quantity (1-1,000+)
of any U.S. Challenge we would like to buy them.

All we need is the Picture, amount and price!!
Please call Albert
 or E-mail us!!

President of the United States Coins

Vice President of the United States

White House Situation Room - Old Version Coin

Secretary of Defense

White House Presidential Worthington Wyatt Usher

Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff General Shelton



Chief of Staff of the Army General Gordon R. Sullivan

Deputy Secretary of Defense Rudy de Leon

Secretary of the Air Force Sheila E. Widnall

Sergeant Major of the Army
(with dates of service on back)

All Unit Coins!!
Note: All Challenge Coins are from the Albert A. Goulet Collection!

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